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gavmcool's News

Posted by gavmcool - 12 days ago


hello everyone!!

Its that time again, where I show off all of the projects I will put on here!

This might be a short wait for a second part, but I want to stay on schedule from every 2-ish weeks, I posted a little late considering the last post was posted in the halfway point of the average wait for these, but it will the posting will be normal after this one, so the start of next month will be the date for the 3rd one!

Lets get to the updates now!!:

The (more-late) Christmas Special

It has been nearly a month in development, and is going at a decent pace time wise


I have animated exactly 500 individual frames for it so far, so I've taken a small break from it, I will get back to it this week though

Kawaii-Chan 2 (WIP TITLE)


We've been making a bunch of stuff for it lately

  • The "engine" for the game is coming along nicely, it has a system to place down things in a room on a grid. so I can make things like premade enemy spawn locations and pots you can break, which is a first for me! it has Temporary Graphics though
  • We are considering adaptive music for the levels, which could make the game have more "UMPH" to the sound department
  • The bullets now go in 72 directions Instead of 4! (You aim with the mouse now)
  • Kawaii-Chan will now have 8 Way direction to look around instead of being in one direction (not finished yet but will be next time)

First Look at the Prototype!!


Stay Tuned! More is on the Way!!

Holy Hellfire!

@digitab , @nexketch, @/scoot

We have been at work adding the movement systems and walk animations!

We wanted the character to be able to turn her head more then her body when she aims, its kind of strange to explain

here is a mockup I made for it to try to visually explain what I mean


Here is the New Design VS the Old Design:

iu_868182_7301656.png iu_868183_7301656.png

I learned asesprite along side the development for the gamejam version, and being able to redo it with more time has been a really good thing for me!

iu_861550_7301656.gif Freezie D iu_861551_7301656.gif


Spunky Has Heavily Considered Streaming the development of the game! I will be there too on them occasionally!

I will link the social he streams on when we decide on it!

Here is some cool lamps!!!!111!!!


End of Updates

It has been pretty productive in the week I have been working! I am currently sick as of writing this, which is affecting my workflow, but its only temporary!

see you all in February!



Posted by gavmcool - 2 weeks ago


hello everyone!!

I've Been Busy as of Recent, with tons of game projects and animations, so I want to try my best to update you all bi-monthly on the status of my projects that'll go on here!

I have been updating stuff like this on my friend's discord, and I think it works well enough for me to do it on here!

(Due to it being the 8th of January, the next one will probably come out in a little over a week instead of 2 weeks, but it will be more consistent as it goes!)

Here are the projects I'm working on:

The (late) Christmas Special

I've been working on something for about 2-3 weeks now, Its a stop-motion, clay animation. completely made in blender.



This is to a series that's been on my YouTube, but not on here, they were shorter and were not as good to be on here (find it here though if you are interested, Its nothing of real quality but its what this short will be in)

Should I release a teaser for it?

Kawaii-Chan 2?!?!?!?!??!?

@getterrocka, @unculturedmutt, @madfatter

Yup, We Didn't Get Enough (Girlboss/Gaming) the first time, Its in full development, its gonna be leagues better then the first, probably since it will be at least 3.1 stars worthy instead of 3 (kidding)

New Reference Here!!

I'll show more of it later!!

Holy Hellfire!

@digitab , @nexketch, @/scoot


Hell is Full, Again....

This is a game that has been in development since August, It was for the mobile jam but could not find a programmer in time for it, but we have one now! It is full steam ahead!

I will keep you all updated on this one, prepare for Devine retribution!

iu_861550_7301656.gif Freezie D iu_861551_7301656.gif


This one has been developed along side HH, It is a fast-paced platformer/run n' gun about a duck being tired of living in the cold, and breaks into a castle when he learns of a hot tub just installed in the place...

I do not have any up-to-date screenshots, but I might have some next update for you all!

End of Updates

I will be busy, I have a big school project to get done for coding, (which I may upload here too if it goes well), all the games and animations I'm working on , but I love all of them!! Working on these is ALL of my free-time, and I fell like I can't spend that time much better to be honest, thank you for reading this

see you all in a week or two!



Posted by gavmcool - 1 month ago

Shortly After Releasing the quickly made game: Peter The Ant 2 ,

I lost the file for it

I just now found it.....

Should I update the game?!? Is it too late?!?


What should I do?


Posted by gavmcool - November 20th, 2022

Happy Birthday to Tom Fulp Clicker 1, I don't have much to celebrate with currently, but I do see a third game being a possibility in the future

Play Tom Fulp Clicker 1 Here

Play The Sequel, Tom Fulp Clicker 2, Here

Tom-Fi, The Main Theme for Tom Fulp Clicker, by @dry

Cheers To More in the future!!!



Posted by gavmcool - November 13th, 2022


my music can be listened to here!!

I am incredibly grateful for the people who've followed me from MME , thank you all!!


Posted by gavmcool - September 4th, 2022

The Artist who made the theme for the Tom Fulp Clicker games: ( @Dry ) put Tom-Fi on a CD!!! if you can consider picking it up on his store: https://drys-musical-store.myshopify.com/products/small-city-jazz



Posted by gavmcool - June 4th, 2022

I have been working on a sequel to tom fulp clicker, but as I go on

1: I'm not sure what the demand is for a new one

2: I've lost interest in developing it

3: I can just add on to the one that already is doing alright

Should I just put my energy into the OG tom fulp clicker?



Posted by gavmcool - May 20th, 2022

I updated tom fulp clicker with updated graphics and better loading times, check it out!!


Posted by gavmcool - April 30th, 2022


Posted by gavmcool - April 10th, 2022

I am looking for playtesters for a VERY early version of Tom Fulp Clicker 2: the pico version, PM me if you are willing to give feedback and would like to play a early version of my pico day game